A dad told his daughter's crazy birth story via 140-character tweets.


Meet Noemi, the first-ever baby born on Twitter.

Noemi was born on January 2, and now her parents, San Francisco couple Marco Rogers and Aniyia Williams, are going viral after tweeting a very detailed account of the unexpected home birth that brought her into the world.

Here's how it all went down:

Aniyia woke up with contractions five days ahead of schedule. As the contractions became stronger and closer together, the couple called in to the hospital twice, but were simply told to wait.

Here's Marco's tweet about it:

The couple was told to wait
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

About 10 minutes later with the contractions still going strong, the 34-year-old web developer hit redial:

marco keeps tweeting
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

But once again, the couple was told to stay put:

Oh? Do tell
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

Um, ok. At least Marco's sense of humor seems to be intact, right?

Looking for a way to alleviate some of the pain from her contractions, Marco said Aniyia then decided to take a bath.

Rogers tweets again
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

Cool. It's like a little labor and delivery lesson.

Sadly, the schooling is short-lived. Because just minutes after she gets in the tub, Aniyia's water breaks.

But don't take my word for it:

Credit: Aniyia Williams/Twitter

Oh, hi Aniyia!

And now we're back to Marco:

Back to Marco
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

True story.

The couple knew they wouldn't make it to the hospital once they saw the the baby's head start to crown. So Aniyia yells for Marco to grab their What to Expect When You're Expecting pregnancy book, because she recalls a chapter on emergency delivery.

"It's been a godsend through pregnancy," Marco tweeted of the book. "I think it's about to save me again." Then: "In a word. Nope. I walk into our bedroom. My wife is on all fours. I can see the top of the baby's head. I don't have time to read sh*t."

Instead, they call 911 and follow the instructions for a home birth given over the phone.

Marco to the rescue
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

And because he is basically a superhero at this point, Marco does it:

Marco is a super hero
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

Luckily, a sharp contraction saves the day, and Noemi Rose Rogers "pops right out" into Marco's hands:

Noemi is born
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

And then we get another little delivery lesson from Marco: "Brand new humans are very slippery."


A few moments later, the EMTs finally arrive, though there's not much left for them to do: "And that's when the EMTs decide to show up," he tweets. "Yeah come on in I guess. But we good here."

Man, I just love this guy!

He even managed to put that trusty old "What to Expect" book to good use:

what to expect
Credit: Marco Rogers/Twitter

So epic!

In fact, Marco told Tech Times that when he and Aniyia eventually made it to the hospital, news of their story had already spread like wildfire. "We were semi-famous," he said.

Now, safely back home, both Baby "Noe" and mom are doing fine. And according to one of Marco's most recent tweets, the new dad has arleady gotten the whole swaddle thing down. "I can now do a decent swaddle with her on my lap instead of on the changing table #paretninglevelup," he wrote.

He still, however, hasn't read the emergency delivery section in the What to Expect When You're Expecting book.

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