This dad has a hilarious take on the advice expectant fathers receive. 'Cause let's face it, dads hear some pretty weird things, too.


We're all well aware of the fact that pregnant women are easy targets for unsolicited advice. From family members who tell you what you should be eating, to social media users who slam you for working out, to perfect strangers who tell you that you look "too big" or "too small" for 20 weeks, dealing with all the advice can be exhausting.

But let's not forget that men routinely face lots of weird advice when their partners are expecting: Unwanted fatherhood tips, tidbits on how to deal with a pregnant woman (as though they all feel or act exactly the same way), delivery room intel.... While this topic doesn't always get a ton of attention, one dad is here with some hilarious commentary on all the strange advice dads receive when their partners are pregnant.

Watson offered up more advice for expectant fathers, too: For example, you should choose the baby’s name yourself (pro tip: According to Watson, Bob is the choice. “It works for a boy or a girl!”). Baby proofing the house and growing a baby bump of your own are also great tips, according to Watson.

Obviously, if you were seeking out some serious advice for a dad-to-be, you may be better off reading a book or chatting with a doctor instead. But if you’re looking for a laugh, this’ll do it!