This Couple Had the Most Delicious Gender Reveal

Who needs cupcakes when you can have burgers? This couple found out their baby's sex by biting into a famed cheeseburger... twice!


When Aly and Eric Nelson were preparing to learn their first baby's sex, they decided to kill two birds with one stone: Learn whether they were expecting a little boy or a little girl...and get some lunch.


The Minneapolis-based couple headed to The Nook in St. Paul, which is home to the famous "Juicy Lucy" stuffed cheeseburger. The couple slipped their waiter an envelope containing the baby's sex and asked her to put corresponding cheese in their burgers: Gooey pepper jack cheese signified a baby boy, while yellow cheddar represented a girl—basically, it was just like the popular cupcake gender reveal theme, except no blue or pink in sight. And also, we'd say this reveal was somehow even more delicious than a colored cupcake.

"In my baby-mindset, I started noticing more of those crazy gender-reveal videos on social media of people hitting baseballs or golf balls that explode with a color, for instance, which seemed cooler than cupcakes," Eric told "I was often hungry at baby appointments with Aly, so I started thinking about what else I could cut into other than a cupcake to reveal something: That's when it hit me that we could cut open colors of cheese-stuffed burgers!"


They opened up that burger to find pepper jack cheese, and two years ago, they welcomed a son. His name? Jack, naturally.

When they learned they were expecting a second baby, they decided to recreate history—they returned to the same restaurant, where they were served by the same waiter. The only difference? This time, their burger contained cheddar cheese. That’s right: They learned they're expecting a girl!


We're kind of drooling over this gender reveal idea (and also, it's making us really hungry). It's unconventional, creative, not too steeped in gendered stereotypes, and super easy to pull off (no crafting skills required, phew!).

"We're usually on the lookout for fun excuses to sneak in another date-night and this was no exception," Eric said. "We didn't want to have a big party for it, especially because we're aware that lots of people struggle to have kids (we're also one of the 1 in 5 who have trouble or a loss) and know these gender events might not be as much fun for those couples. So, it was just us, our server, and two burgers the first time. Jack was along the second time! When we had the same server again, it seemed a little too serendipitous to not share the idea with others!

Would you opt for something like this instead of the usual blue-and-pink-themed reveal? Tell us your offbeat ideas!

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