Whitney and Spencer Blake post humorous "infertility announcements" on their blog to help deal with their struggle.

By Hollee Actman Becker

Infertility is no joke. But that shouldn't prevent a couple who's struggling with it from finding a little humor in the situation from time to time, as a way to keep it from defining who they are.

Meet Whitney and Spencer Blake. The couple—who navigated the painful road of infertility before ultimately adopting two sons—started posting some pretty hilarious infertility announcement parodies on their blog as a panacea for all the pregnancy announcements on Facebook they've been forced to endure.

Spencer and Whitney's Adoption Journey

"To be honest, pregnancy announcements were one of the hardest parts of infertility," Whitney told Popsugar. "We tried really hard to plaster smiles on our faces and celebrate with the people we loved who were growing their families, but it was so achingly difficult to watch everyone around us receive the blessing we desired more than anything."

Spencer and Whitney's Adoption Journey

Infertility, Whitney explained, made her feel ugly. "You feel ugly on the inside for feeling jealous, and you feel ugly on the outside because you can't make a baby," she explained. "You feel unfeminine and broken and somehow less than what you should be. The rational side of me knew I was still a wonderful person whose worthiness isn't tied to my ability to make a baby. But the emotional side of me sometimes felt pretty defeated, especially when I was trying desperately to be happy for someone else's good news."

Spencer and Whitney's Adoption Journey

But in the midst of all the heartache, Whitney said she and Spencer often turned to humor as a coping mechanism—and to each other. "I relied on Spencer a lot," Whitney said. "He has this rare talent for listening to my struggles and validating my feelings while at the same time finding a way to make me laugh, even in the stressful or sorrowful times."

Laughter + Love = Best Medicine.

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