At the advice of their birth coach, this couple danced the Bachata to get their baby to drop.

We've heard plenty of myths about how to naturally induce labor: eat spicy food, walk a bumpy road, climb stairs, have sex...

For one Philadelphia couple, though, it was all about dancing their way to the delivery room.

At the advice of their doula Nyra, Suezette and Yovanys Dominguez hit the floor at Pennsylvania Midwifery and did the Bachata (a style of dance from the Dominican Republic) in order to get the baby to drop.

Clad in a hospital gown (Suezette) and perfectly on-point man bun (Yovanys), the dynamic duo rocked the house with some seriously smooth moves, despite the fact that Suezette's contractions were three minutes apart and, as Yovanys told Action News, she was in "crazy pain."


Nyra the doula posted a video of the impressive pair to Facebook, and it's already racked up more than 100,000 views!

"Labor of Love Bachata Style!" she wrote. "We need more positive images like these to encourage women to get moving during labor since it is proven to be beneficial to laboring mothers and their babies. Especially when women are made to believe that laboring on their backs is the only way."


And apparently, the Bachata did the trick. Nine hours after busting a move, the couple welcomed their first baby—a healthy little girl named Thalia Yvette Dominguez—into the world.

We think this calls for a celebration dance, don't you?

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld