This Canadian couple is preparing to see quadruple after finding out they conceived four identical girls the old-fashioned way.

By Hollee Actman Becker
April 14, 2016
Canadian couple conceived identical quadruplets naturally.
Credit: CBC

Canadian couple Bethani and Tim Webb were married last June, and now the newlyweds are getting ready to welcome identical quadruplets sometime this spring.

That's four identical baby girls, you guys. And I know what you're thinking—this story has fertility treatments written all over it. But guess what? Despite zero history of multiples on either side of the family, these little babes were conceived au naturel!

The odds of this happening?

Oh, you know... only 1 in 15 million!

"I could not believe it, I was in such shock," Bethani told CBC News. "Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. She added that Tim was so blindsided by the news that he almost ended up hitting the floor.

"It was a good thing that my husband was sitting down because he almost fainted," she explained.

We don't blame him!

Now 29 weeks along, Bethani is hunkered down in the hospital for monitoring, where doctors hope she can make it to 32 weeks before going into labor. In the meantime, the couple has already picked out names for the girls—Abigail, Emily, Grace, and McKayla—and some of their friends have started a GoFundMe page to help the Webbs out financially.

"It's really amazing, because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves," Bethani said. "Even diapers alone, they say we're going to go through 48 diapers a day. We're going to have a little assembly line."

Whoa! And I thought diapering one kid was tough! I can't even imagine having to do it with four—and at the same time!

But Tim, at least, seems to have finally come around.

"I think my husband has gotten used to the idea that there are four babies," Bethani told CBC. "But I don't think he's gotten used to the idea that there are four identical girls."

Again, can't say that we blame him! Good luck when those cuties hit middle school, Dad!

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