THIS Could Make it Harder for You to Breastfeed...

Here's another good reason why you should work hard to stay healthy during your pregnancy: A study by the University of Minnesota found that women who had health issues during their pregnancies were 30 percent less likely to breastfeed their children.

Using survey data, the study discovered that women who had certain predefined health issues—diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity—going into pregnancy were far less likely to be breastfeeding after birth.

But the study also found that if women with health conditions were given plenty of support by the hospital and medical staff, they were more likely to breastfeed.

So here's the takeaway: With all the benefits for baby and mom from breastfeeding, we should be working hard to ensure healthier pregnancies from the start, and to support new moms in their breastfeeding efforts.

Tell us: Did your health affect your ability to breastfeed?

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