This video proves a Whisper Challenge is an adorably funny way to make your pregnancy announcement to your grandparents.

By Hollee Actman Becker
April 22, 2016
Credit: YouTube/Toni Marie

Whisper Challenge pregnancy announcements may not be new, but that doesn't mean they're not still hilarious!

Toni Paolillo and her husband Mike were looking for a funny way to let their family know they were expecting. When they stumbled across a bunch of Whisper Challenge videos online, they knew they'd found a winner.

What's a Whisper Challenge? It's a lip-reading game made famous by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, in which one person repeats a word or phrase to another person, who is wearing headphones with music piped in so he can't hear anything. To goal is for the person to guess the phrase simply by lip reading.

The video opens with Toni's grandpa and grandma playing around with their headphones while seated at a table. The expectant mama starts then saying, "You are great-grandparents" over and over.

The reaction, of course, is ridiculously amusing, with the grandparents' screaming out guesses that range from, "What are you dreaming about?" and "Do you want spinach?" to "You are Grace" and "You are crazy, grandma!" as they get closer to figuring it out.

Finally, Toni's grandpa starts piecing it all together. "You... are... great ... grandparents," he ventures. And then "WHAT?!"

The GGP-to-be starts freaking out and clutching his chest as the realization sinks in. But his wife is too busy rocking out to whatever tune is playing through her headphones to notice what's going on.

"Ooh, I love this song," she says, adorably clueless.

Finally, the mom-to-be hands over an ultrasound pic and grandma finally gets it, jumping up to give her granddaughter a congratulatory hug while oddly asking, "When did this happen?"

I think that's a story for another day, Grandma!

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