Nine months have never gone by so quickly!

spinning time lapse pregnancy
Credit: Imgur

When you're pregnant, sometimes you wish you could just hit the "fast-forward" button and get to the good part already; you know, when the baby is out! Well, a new time-lapse video shows a pregnancy from start to finish in just seconds. Too bad the real thing isn't nearly as swift!

The gif of a woman spinning in a circle as we see her belly go from flat to full, back to flat—but now, while holding a baby!—was originally posted to Imgur. The entire video is no more than five seconds, and it's simply astonishing to watch her body change so quickly.

The stylish mom wears the same outfit throughout the clip; yes, even right after giving birth, which truly puts things into perspective. As in, how on Earth did she still pull those jeans up over her hips at the end of her pregnancy? Yes, I see she stopped being able to zip them, but my hips totally expanded when I was pregnant, and it was laughable trying to shimmy into (more like yank on) my pre-pregnancy pants past my knees, even months after I had the baby.

Oh well, the point is that the female body is truly amazing. What we go through in nine months is a miracle; and for some of us, we don't even have to change our pants.

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