Being nine months pregnant didn't stop this acroyoga instructor mom from performing her usual circus-like stunts.

Pregnant mom does circus-like acroyoga exercise with 9 months baby bump
Credit: Instagram/LizzyTomber

Acrobatics aren't typically advisable for pregnant women, but Lizzy Tomber doesn't care. She's an acroyoga instructor after all, and her burgeoning belly didn't stop her from performing circus-like moves most of us wouldn't attempt, well, ever.

Just try to prevent your jaw from dropping as you look at the stunts Lizzy pulls off, even during her third trimester and right before the birth of her baby. The guy underneath her with that awesome body, by the way, is her husband Josh Young.

As impressive as the images, which are posted to the mom's Instagram account, are, one has to wonder, "Is this safe?" Well, if you've never attempted acrobatic yoga before, no. Not even remotely. But I'm guessing for this couple, the answer is, mostly.

As the first-time mom explained, according to Cosmopolitan, "My doctor was really awesome and said, 'If you're comfortable, and this is what you do on a daily basis, you shouldn't stop doing it.'"

Lizzy's limber pregnancy poses just prove that all types of women carry babies: fit moms, not-so-fit moms, surfers, Olympic runners, competitive swimmers, and acrobats. Once they're with child, they are still just being themselves, and it's pretty darn cool that they can be.

Meanwhile, Lizzy's acroyoga hasn't been put on hold now that she is a new mom, either. Since welcoming a son in February, she has posted several photos of their new family-of-three performing circus-worthy stunts. Some even feature the newborn in a carrier while his mama poses mid-air.

Lizzy says she hopes her little boy will grow up to love acroyoga as much as she does. I'm just hoping he doesn't barf on his parents while they're taking these pictures.

What's your take on this acroyoga mom?

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