Artist Laura Steerman turns sonogram prints into colorful portraits that celebrate or honor a pregnancy for her clients. 

Ultrasound Art
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

For many soon-to-be parents, a sonogram photo is just a routine checkup—but for some, seeing your child for the first time can come with an emotional backstory. After experiencing her own pregnancy scares, artist Laura Steerman began transforming her sonogram photos into incredible works of art. Now her paintings are in high demand as people of all walks of life find comfort in her breathtaking creations.

Ultrasound Painting
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

The Dublin based mother-of-three explained to Parents how painting her daughter's sonogram photo was therapeutic while living through her own pregnancy unknowns, “Each scan showed she was doing just fine despite the lack of kicks, but I felt the black and white blurry images just didn't do her precious self-justice. So, I took out the paints at my kitchen table at home and got painting.” Steerman continued, “It’s a hobby turned small business as friends requested paintings, they shared photos of them on social media and it went from there. “

Sonogram Painting
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

Steerman used to juggle many roles: Besides taking care of her children—all under the age of six—the busy mom earned her main form of income as an attorney, painting for Quaintbaby Bespoke Ultrasound Art on the side to fulfill her passion. She recently left her role as an attorney to take care of her children and focus more energy on her budding business.

Sonogram Art
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

Steerman describes getting to know her patron’s stories to be the most rewarding part of this process. “Not only is the commissioning and painting process really enjoyable for me,” she explains. “It’s emotional painting babies in the womb for families. My favorite part of the process is connecting with clients and hearing their stories. No two experiences or babies are the same.”

Laura Steerman Artwork
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

Some customers include: A mom who was pregnant when she survived the Brussels airport bombing back in 2016—Steerman created a piece that represented the joys of travels, unaffected by fear in the world. A Navy Seal father who was deployed during his wife’s pregnancy and commissioned a painting from Steerman as a means of bonding with the baby and surprising his wife. It isn’t uncommon for moms who have lost babies before birth to reach out for a painting in order to commemorate the memory of their late child.

Ultrasound Baby Art
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Steerman

Not only is she providing therapeutic relief through her artwork but she has also teamed up with Irish charity Feileacaina percentage of her paintings sold through their website go to support parents who lost babies before or shortly after birth.

We applaud Steerman for her powerful work and touching story—we can’t wait to see where your talents takes you!