Nicole Shaw and Alicia Renna have been besties since they were kids themselves, and now, their #momlives are totally in sync.

By Maressa Brown
Nicole Shaw and Alicia Renna

Nicole Shaw and Alicia Renna have been best friends since they attended kindergarten in New England. "We met when we were in kindergarten and were friends all throughout our childhood, but it wasn't until after high school that we became as close as we are today," Shaw shares with

And over the course of their friendship, they had always dreamed about becoming moms and raising their kiddos together, which is a pretty common fantasy for BFFs, right? But in Shaw and Renna's case, that fantasy seems as though it was always meant to be a reality. The pair is making headlines, as they've ended up getting pregnant at exactly the same time -- twice now!

The pair recalled to PopSugar what it was like to find out that they were both expecting the first time. "I won't forget that phone call. I was driving home from work when she told me. I was so excited when she told me her due date, which was the same due date as me, that I had to pull over. I started crying with excitement!" Renna shared.

Shaw noted that they both endured "the longest week of our lives," when they both went past their due dates. Both ended up getting induced at different hospitals in different states (Renna lives in Massachussetts, while Shaw is in New Hampshire). In the end, Shaw gave birth to her baby girl Charlotte just five hours before Renna delivered her son Anthony John aka "AJ." Renna told PopSugar, "I remember texting her during labor being like, 'I can't believe this is happening!' At one point she texted me [a picture of] her baby girl Charlotte and I remember saying congrats and then my doctor said, 'It's time to start pushing!' About five hours later, I got to finally show her AJ!"

Fast-forward to this past fall, when the two women found out that yet again, they were expecting -- and due on the same exact day. "We both laughed so hard talking about how we couldn't have planned this if we tried, which we 100 percent did not plan at all!" Shaw said, to which Renna noted, "That's how I knew everything truly happens for a reason!"

Of course the women have encountered some skepticism about their unplanned but amazingly coordinated timelines. "Most people can't believe that we are actually pregnant again with the same due date," Shaw tells "We've gotten a lot of 'you've got to be kidding,' 'you guys must have planned this,' 'what'd you do call each other up,' 'it's just weird,' but we've also gotten a lot of sweet responses such as 'you two are soul sisters,' 'you were meant to be moms together,' 'how special.'"

When it comes to their friendship and experiencing this new chapter as moms, the two are endlessly grateful for one another's support. "We both try to be as positive as possible, seeing the funny in situations that could very easily make us cry if we didn't have one another to laugh with," Shaw notes. "[I'm] always the more positive one, Alicia is a little more nervous, but having each other to talk through the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood have been such a blessing. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders, both of one another and for our children. It could've been very easy to fall into the constant comparison of when our babies were hitting milestones and getting nervous if one of ours hadn't gotten there yet, but instead, we truly were so excited for one another and more importantly for the babes! [For example,] when AJ crawled four months before Charlotte did!"

The fact that their eldest kiddos share the same b-day does present its challenges, but the BFFs have a smart way of handling it. "Since our babies share a birthday, we unfortunately couldn't attend one another first birthdays," Shaw explains. "But we made a point to have our own private celebration with the babes. Although they won't remember it, we definitely will!"

Seems like these soul sisters and forever friends will have more than a few amazing memories over the course of their synced-up journeys. So awesome!



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