The Wackiest Pregnancy Symptom Yet: Frostbite?! 26738

Pregnancy is a magical time in life, so filled with excitement and hope and miraculous changes. And of course, it's also filled with an array of pretty unglamorous symptoms and indignities.

Take, for example, the latest star to share some news of pregnancy discomfort with her online following. JWoww, now in her ninth month of what has not been an easy pregnancy, revealed that she'd been suffering from painful sciatica. And although her doc approved the use of Tylenol to treat it, she opted for what she hoped would be a safer route: an ice pack on the affected area. But oops! The ice pack did much more harm than good, leaving the star with a wicked case of frostbite on her back that took fully a month to heal!

Unfortunately, this pregnancy scenario is easily relatable for most folks who have ever been pregnant into that dicey last trimester.

For me, a relatively easy and symptom-free twin pregnancy in the first and second trimesters has given way to a third trimester in which my belly is so big, I can't really get around on my own. No longer able to walk big box store aisles, I have resorted to the motorized cart (which, OK, admittedly, is pretty fun).

And I require an ancillary body—also known as my husband—to maneuver my own basically helpless one. Yes, my husband has taken over all the cooking and cleaning. And yes, he helps me in and out of the car. But we've also gotten to the point now that I require his help even to turn over from side to side in bed in the middle of the night, sort of like rotating a rotisserie chicken. To wit, it would be a very bad time for a zombie apocalypse—I'd be toast.

Now I'd love to hear from you: What's your most undignified pregnancy symptom or moment?

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Jwoww image courtesy of Shutterstock