Beyonce short haircut

Anything Queen B does makes news, but when Beyoncé unexpectedly chopped off all of her long, signature locks the internet nearly broke down! You could say Bey was going for shock value (it did make headlines!), or just a more sophisticated look. But I think all moms and moms-to-be know the real reason she decided to do an extreme makeover, a blunt blonde pixie—which I absolutely love! You just don't have time for yourself once you have a baby so the less maintenance the better.

Lots of women experiment with a short 'do while pregnant in anticipation of not having time to fuss with their unmanageable manes once baby arrives (I went the opposite route and just threw my hair in a ponytail 24/7). While you're pregnant, you expect all of the changes to your body, but your hair goes through a pretty shocking metamorphosis too. Some women's hair gets thicker and grows like a weed (like mine did—8 inches in 9 months!); others' hair gets noticeably thinner and can even start to come out in clumps.

I was at a photo shoot just yesterday with a celebrity who has a 3-year-old, and she was telling me that her hair is still frizzy post-pregnancy (an issue she never had pre-baby), and her stylist warned her that it could take up to four years to have your hair go back to normal after you have a baby. Who knew?!

So I think Beyoncé's spontaneous cut (it was so spontaneous her longtime hairstylist reportedly didn't even know about it till she saw the photos on Instagram!) actually has more to do with being a mom to toddler Blue Ivy, and all of the wacky changes her hair has gone through post-pregnancy, than her trying to make a style statement. That said, she has made one bold statement, highlighting her gorgeous face. I think she's hotter than ever!

TELL US: Has Beyoncé inspired you to chop your locks? Do you think Beyoncé can make the "mom cut" chic?

Image of Beyoncé via Instagram.