The Newest Birth Trend: A Crowded Delivery Room!

On the day of my scheduled c-section, there were only a few moments when I was alone: that sensitive time in the OR when I was being prepped for the surgery and even my husband was supposed to stay outside in the hall. I hated that part. I was beyond relieved when he rejoined me as the only member of my family to be present for the twins' birth.

For the rest of the day, after the babies were born and I was cleared following a complication, all four new grandparents joined us in our hospital room. And during my four-day hospital stint, several friends and additional family came to visit. That number of people over that period of time felt about right to me.

But it turns out such an arrangement isn't nearly lively enough for millennial moms in the U.K.: According to a new study by the video blog site Channel Mum and cited in The Telegraph, moms in their teens and 20s bring eight people on average to witness some portion of the birth. (Included on the invite lists: Dads and mothers-in-law!)

The research among 2,000 moms also showed that nearly a fourth share the experience through social media.

The second part of the results seem low—only a fourth of millennial moms are sharing on social media?!

But the first part seems way high: eight people is a huge crowd! Of course, it's possible these people are moving in and out of the room, and not all present at once when the mom is actually pushing. Still, it's a big number.

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Many hospitals in the U.S. actually put a limit on the number of people who are permitted to be in a birthing room. So there may be a regional difference to consider. And certainly when it comes to my own preferences, there is a generational one too, as I'd just turned 37 when my babies were born.

But you tell me: How many people did you, or do you, want to be present when you deliver?

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Alesandra Dubin is a mom to one-year-old boy-girl twins. She's also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of lifestyle blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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