The Most Dramatic Labor and Delivery Viral Video Ever! 26750

If I've seen one viral video that defines "drama," this is it: A 10-minute clip on YouTube right now shows a GoPro camera-wearing dad's capture of not only his frantic race to the hospital with his wife in labor—but the baby's sidewalk birth too!

(And given how close I am to my own delivery, I am literally writing this post through tears of awe, anxiety... and gratitude that I live just 10 minutes' drive from my delivery hospital!)

The vid, called "Valet Baby," has gotten more than 1.5 million views since July 4. It shows the highway stretching seemingly endlessly ahead in the front windshield of the car driven by dad-to-be Troy Dickerson while his wife, Kristin, writhes in labor pain, and repeatedly tells him she's not going to make it to the Houston hospital for which they're bound. He tries to comfort her, not realizing at first quite how serious the situation is.

At one point, Kristin chokes out through pained screams in the car, "I can feel his head!"

Shortly thereafter, the family arrives at the valet loading area of the hospital, and Troy helps his wife out of the car as a wheelchair arrives to the curb. At that point, she says, "His head is coming out." And though her husband encourages her to try to make it upstairs into the hospital, she can't walk—and she knows it's just too late.

With coaching from her husband (after two previous kids, he knows a thing or two), Kristin delivers that baby right on the sidewalk! The censored video blacks out those intense pictures while the sound still rolls. When the picture comes back, baby Truett has arrived in the world, and a gaggle of nurses is on scene to attend. "He's perfect, he's perfect, he's perfect," Troy says over and over.

The video ends as the family and nurses ride up in the elevator, with mom and baby safe in a wheelchair, and mom asks incredulously, "Did that really just happen?!" She also informs the nurses that she's a childbirth educator at that very hospital!

Watch the clip below—and I dare you not to gasp!

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Photo courtesy of YouTube