A South Carolina police squad pays tribute to an officer killed in the line of duty, his pregnant wife, and the baby he'll never meet.

By Melissa Willets
June 22, 2016

A South Carolina mom-to-be who lost her husband in March took part in a beautiful maternity photo shoot with the help of the Greenville Police. Meghan Jacobs' husband, Officer Allen Jacobs, was a decorated army veteran and devoted police officer, according to local news station NBC 4. And unthinkably, he was killed in the line of duty before ever getting the chance to meet his baby.

policemen pay tribute to fallen dad-to-be
Credit: Jessie Ellex of j.ellex.photography

Jessie Ellex of j.ellex.photography captured the moving tribute to the dad, his wife, and their unborn child.

tribute to fallen policeman
Credit: Jessie Ellex of j.ellex.photography

Clearly this is not the maternity photo shoot this mama envisioned while preparing to meet her baby, a girl. But it is so moving, and shows just how much her husband was respected and admired by his fellow police officers in Greenville.

mom to be
Credit: Jessie Ellex of j.ellex.photography

I also love how Meghan is gazing at Allen's uniform with so much love, it's almost as if he is there. And I am quite certain he is, in some way, watching over his beautiful family. And he will be there the day his daughter is born, and throughout her life.

This new mom and her little girl also have a lot of protectors in his absence, in the form of the many police officers who showed up for this truly moving photo shoot that honors a life taken way too soon.

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