A woman who conceived after using Ava, the "FitBit for Fertility" has given birth! Here's what she had to say about using the technology.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
August 15, 2017

When she was trying to conceive her second child, Lizzie McGee decided to try a new approach. It took her about four years to conceive her first baby (complete with a miscarriage, multiple medical visits and fertility drugs). So understandably, she didn't want history to repeat itself. She saw an ad for Ava, a new fertility tracker that can be worn on your wrist (kind of like a "FitBit" for fertility), and decided to give it a go.

Three months after she began using the bracelet, McGee was pregnant.

McGee just gave birth to a baby boy, the first child to have been born to a couple who used Ava.

Credit: B Couture Photography

"On the third month [of using Ava], I saw it kept on moving my ovulation date. I was like 'oh my gosh, it's really getting to know my body.' The day the ovulation date stayed in place, I thought to myself 'it really knows me. I'm going to get pregnant this month.' I knew it," McGee told Parents. Sure enough, she conceived her son, Jace, that same month.

As our sister site, Fit Pregnancy, reported, Ava works by listening to physical symptoms and helping you pinpoint your most fertile days—no daily temperature checks or pee-soaked ovulation sticks required. "It took out all of the stress," McGee said. "I just completely put all of my trust in Ava...I feel like it's completely accurate and really gets to know each person individually."

McGee welcomed her baby boy on July 11. "I kind of feel like because Ava helped us get pregnant so quickly and I had gone through so much stress with the first, I almost didn't believe I was pregnant the whole time," she said. "When I had the baby I started crying and I was like, 'This is real, we really do have another baby.'"

Ava carries a $200 price tag, but McGee recommends the product to other women who are trying to get pregnant. "Getting pregnant is stressful...to take out some of the guesswork is incredible, and I absolutely wish I would have had it with my first," she said. "When I found out I was pregnant I emailed Ava first, before I told my husband...For me, it's worth the investment."

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