By Alesandra Dubin
October 23, 2014

If you've tried to chart your fertility, or pee on sticks looking for smiley faces, you know it can be a frustrating task. It's hard to feel you really know when your body is ready to make a baby. Or at least, that's typically been the case.

There's a new product out now that claims it can help TTC women clearly understand their ovulation cycles — even seeing unequivocal answers for ourselves. The FDA-approved product is called Knowhen Saliva Fertility Monitor, and it uses your spit and a five-minute daily routine to give answers.

Here's how it works: When you wake up in the morning, your saliva contains salts, which contain the info about where you are in your cycle when viewed under a microscope. So you place a dab of spit on the product's lens in the morning, let it dry, and look through the mini microscope. You'll see either dots, dots and fernlike patterns, or the fernlike patterns with no dots. That last one is the one that indicates ovulation, so you'll know you're at your peak time to conceive if you see it.

Science is neat!

Tell us: Would you try this new product?

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