When Tara decided to tell her sister she's pregnant, she had no idea she'd get a pregnancy announcement in return!


On September 5, Tara and Zach Brough decided to share the news that they were expecting a baby with Tara's older sister Carly and her husband Mike. And because the couple already documents their life over on their Broughington YouTube channel, they took a video of the entire encounter, natch.

The clip opens with both couples hanging in the Brough kitchen, when Tara announces that she "made a little treat." So Carly strolls over to the oven to investigate.

"I think I know what might be in here," she says, reaching in and pulling out a couple of hamburger buns. Get it? A bun in the oven. So cute, right? The couples then high-five and hug in celebration.

But then just a few minutes later, Carly decides to drop a bombshell of her own, by just casually mentioning the fact that she also happens to be preggers!

"What?!" Tara asks incredulously. "No way! No way! No waaaaay!!!"

Yes way.

Tara then literally starts jumping up and down with excitement.

double sister pregnancy announcement
Credit: Broughington/YouTube

Later, she posted the video on Facebook and called it, fittingly, I Never Saw This Coming. "This is slightly embarrassing," she wrote. "But I gotta share it."

This will be Carly's first baby and Tara's third—and the sisters are due just two weeks apart. "I can't believe we're having babies at the same time," Tara says as the news finally sinks in. "It's too bad we didn't tell each other, and then we could have done a double announcement."

We think this blindside is SO much better!

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