A touching video shows a new dad break into tears when his wife tells him she's pregnant.

dad gets pregnancy reveal as gift
Credit: YouTube

Revealing your pregnancy to your partner is a big, emotional deal that one expecting mom didn't take lightly. She planned her reveal around the unsuspecting dad's birthday, so he thought the surprise was a birthday gift. Turns out, it was the greatest gift of all!

In the video, the woman tells her hubby to close his eyes and playfully asks, "Are you peeking?" Next, she places a box on his lap, which looks an awful lot like the box for an Apple Watch.

"This is a gift that has been hiding in plain sight for a while. But I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together," the woman says.

When he opens up the plastic case, though, there's no watch in sight. Instead, he sees a much more special gift—a positive pregnancy test.

"What? Are you serious?" he asks, before breaking down into tears of joy.

The woman behind the camera asks her crying, overwhelmed husband what it is he has in his hand—presumably to keep the moment going and make a few memories—but he is too adorably hysterical to get any words out.

Finally, wifey takes over: "We are going to have a baby!" she says, as her husband calls her over for a cuddle.

This sweet video had nearly 100,000 views at the time of this writing. If you haven't watched it yet, get some tissues ready!