First Response has introduced the first-ever app-enabled pregnancy test.

By Melissa Willets
January 06, 2016
First Response Pregnancy Pro test and app
Credit: First Response

In "it's about time" news, First Response has announced the first pregnancy test that syncs to an app.

Any woman who has ever taken an at-home pregnancy test knows how it feels to wait for the result, and essentially find out if your entire life is going to change forever (and ever, and ever). And luckily, now, there's an app for that.

The Bluetooth-enabled technology is called the First Response Pregnancy Pro stick, and here's what it can do:

  • Store previous test results and dates.
  • Personalize your experience with a customized user profile.
  • Entertain and educate you with fun videos and articles while you wait for your results.
  • Provide step-by-step reassurance, as in "Sample Detected."
  • Countdown to the moment of truth.
  • Estimate your due date if you're pregnant.
  • Help you start planning a healthy pregnancy.

The app-enabled test, which will be available for free for iOS and Andriod, hits stores this spring. It's only slightly more expensive than the traditional version, priced between $14.99 and $21.99. So what the heck, right?

Of course, it all sounds great, and I would definitely try it, but my one concern is that although the app purports to make testing easier, sometimes syncing up Bluetooth technology can be tricky (at least for me!). I'd worry getting the app set up would only make the crucial moment more stressful instead of less. That being said, since we have an app for every single thing we do, I'm surprised it took this long for peeing on a stick to get its own app!

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