Take a Peek Inside Whitney Port's Hospital Bag

Whitney Port's hospital bag is packed up and ready to go. Here's what's in it, for all the fellow about-to-pop ladies out there.

Whitney Port Maternity Bag
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If herAmazon baby registry is any indication, Whitney Port is going to become a mom any day now—in fact, according to the registry, her July 27 due date has already come and gone. The good news? Whitney is totally prepared for her hospital stay.

The former Hills star revealed the contents of her hospital bag, and this lady has all her bases covered. Sure, we all know that there are certain essentials every mama should pack. But the aftermath of giving birth is exhausting and uncomfortable, and luxe items may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to making a new mom feel her best.

Many people tend to think of that labor-and-delivery hospital stay as a quick one, but depending on how things go, you may be at the hospital for longer than you'd imagine. And since the last thing you want is to feel unprepared, we're in favor of taking more than you think you need.

Clearly, Whitney feels the same way we do about this: The mom-to-be's hospital bag contains plenty of items ranging from the practical (comfy undies) to the novel (an essential oil diffuser? Way to set the mood, Whit!)

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Whitney shared the full lineup in a blog post for PEOPLE—she also included ultrasoft toilet paper (as anyone who has ever stayed in a hospital will tell you, this is smart), a cozy (yet pretty!) nightgown, an eye mask, nursing pads, and a birth ball, which may help her naturally induce labor. All in all, we'd say this hospital bag is seriously well-curated, with a healthy mix of necessities and nice-to-haves.

What items did you take to the hospital when you gave birth—and what did you wish you had?

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