Steal this sweet pregnancy reveal video idea if someone's about to become a big brother or sister.
avey pregnancy announcement video
Credit: Jessica Avey/YouTube

Mom Jessica Avey had some pretty cute inspiration for her pregnancy announcement video: her two young sons. Adding simple guitar music and a white board, she created an unforgettably sweet reveal that may inspire yours!

The video opens with her two toddlers playing on the floor. Then we see a white board that says, "The boys have been bored lately!"

"So we thought we'd give them a gift," it continues. Now there are more scenes of the boys playing, and getting dressed as we are teased that the news will be very, very exciting and fill their hearts with love.

Wait, what's that? It's a package outside. I know how excited my kids get over a package delivery, and these boys are as well. They wait by the door for it to be opened, then drag the big box inside, clearly brimming with anticipation.

And it's...balloons. Cool! But the big surprise is that a series of ultrasound images are attached to the strings. The boys reach for the present, and aren't sure what to make of the sonogram photos. But what kids would be? They continue to play with the balloons, completely unaware of how much their lives are about to change!

Now we see Avey holding the series of images up to her belly. Back on the white board she writes, "Baby Avey, #3, Due August 2016."

So sweet! Congratulations to the Avey family. Can't wait to see the birth announcement!

How did you reveal your pregnancy?

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