A 60-Year-Old Chinese Woman Gave Birth to Twins Via IVF 26599

You know how the whole world seems to believe that by 35 your eggs have all shriveled up and died, and that even through IVF there's only a slim chance you could carry a baby anymore because you're way, way past your prime (even though recent evidence totally dispels that)?  Well, here is some hope for everyone who still wants to have a baby after society tells you it is too late. After undergoing IVF treatment, a 60-year-old woman in China gave birth to twins!

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Your "woo-hoo!" is immediately followed by, "Wait, should a woman that old be allowed to have children?" In a country like China, which has notoriously had a one-child policy, Sheng Hailin decided later in life she wanted to get pregnant again after her daughter died tragically at 29. She felt a huge hole in her life after her daughter's loss that she believed only another child could fill. In Vitro Fertilization clinics usually have an age cap for those they will perform procedures on since the chances of getting pregnant do decrease with age, and there's the child's welfare to take into consideration. But after convincing a military hospital to give her the treatment, a year later she gave birth to not only one child, but two baby girls, Fox News reports.

The mom, a former medical worker turned traveling health lecturer has had to work longer hours to provide for her kids, now 3. Part of the money from the couple's pensions and earnings goes towards two babysitters, reports Christian Post Asia, because at 64, the mom has trouble with physical tasks like bathing her two girls. Sheng is China's oldest mother, but not the world's oldest. Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara of Spain had twin boys by cesarean section in 2006 at age 66.

TELL US: Are you happy to hear that it's possible to still get pregnant at 60, or do you think that children of parents that old suffer?

Image of twins courtesy of Shutterstock.