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I've written here about some pretty shocking surprise birth stories—most memorably, the viral video that showed a mom's delivery on the sidewalk in front of the hospital. (It still gives me chills.)

In that case, the mom thought she had just a bit more time to make it inside, and was off by only moments. But in the latest surprise delivery story, a mom miscalculated her due date by a good six months!

Iowa mom Brittany Young knew she was pregnant, but thought she was about three months along, reports The Des Moines Register. So when she got a stomachache, she took some Tylenol, and went to lay down for a rest. But later that night, the pain came back so she got in the shower to try to soothe it... and only an instant later she felt the need to push!

Moments later she gave birth to a 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl, measuring in at 19 inches long. She named the baby Miracle.

This was the 24-year-old mom's fourth baby, and Michael Cardwell, M.D., a perinatologist at Mercy Medical Center, where Young and her baby were taken after medics arrived at her home, told the newspaper that some women can go into labor very quickly after having that many children. The condition is known as precipitous labor.

The paper reports that the young mom recently moved her kids to flee a "troubled family life" in Illinois, and checked into a hospital for a broken nose in January. There, the doctors asked her if she could be pregnant—and a test revealed she was indeed. Young describes hearing the hospital staff say "12 weeks" and figuring she was only that far along—but says she apparently misunderstood, and perhaps the staff meant to indicate she actually had 12 weeks remaining in the pregnancy.

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