This cute pregnancy reveal video will make every Star Wars fan smile.


A family's new YouTube pregnancy reveal video uses a Star Wars theme to creatively announce they are expecting a fourth baby.

Parents Kyle and Courtney Hale and their three kids, Sophia, age 7; Grayson, age 5; and Audrey, age 3, all take part in the epic video, which opens with the mom-to-be—wearing a Princess Leia costume, natch—sitting with her son, playing Luke, on a bench. She has an important message for him to deliver.

"Luke" runs off with the note, and meets up with Sophia, who is adorably themed-out in costume as well. She soon takes off to deliver the message to Audrey, who is also outfitted in her own, cute-as-can-be Star Wars attire.

This is the child who will deliver the note to her dad.

Kyle reads the message: "The fourth is with us."

"Chewy, we're going to need a bigger ship," he jokes.

My favorite part of the reveal is the creative way the Hales announce the due date.

the fourth awakens

Hale told the idea for the video was hers. "This new little one was a surprise and I just kept thinking, 'Oh my goodness. A FOURTH KID. How are we going to tell everyone?!'" It helps that Kyle and the kids are huge fans of anything Star Wars, and Disney for that matter, according to Hale.

"Actually, the original script only had dialogue for our son (playing Luke) but the girls were so excited/into it that we added some lines for them as well," she told us, adding, "We laughed and had fun filming all of it and the kids already want to make another one."

Except the kids didn't know the movie was about announcing another baby while they were filming it! "They just thought we were making a fun movie and they went with it," Hale said.

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