Speidi is having a baby and Spencer wants his to be a superstar. Oh, and he's planning to give away an iPhone 8 to whoever picks the best baby name.

By Hollee Actman Becker
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I was a loyal watcher of The Hills back in the day, which means I've been hate-watching Spencer Pratt since 2007. That's 10 years if you're counting. And actually, "hate" is a pretty strong word—although the dude did make Lauren Conrad cry black tears and got wife Heidi drunk right before they eloped in Mexico.

Still, the man's got a knack for keeping himself in the public eye and owning who he is in a way that is almost sort of endearing. Plus, if you follow him on Snapchat, you'll see that his love for Heidi runs almost as deep as his obsession with burritos. And let's not forget his skills when it comes to unleashing such instantly-classic lines as, "I can't make you un-my sister!" and "You are hanging out with my enemy. That makes YOU my enemy." Not gonna lie, I still bust out those bad boys on occasion.

Anyway, our favorite reality TV villain (sorry, Chad) is now about to become a father. He and Heidi (collectively known as "Speidi") recently announced that they are expecting a baby boy in October and, true to form, Pratt is holding nothing back from the press. In a recent interview with askmen.com, the anxious 33-year-old even copped to passing out during Heidi's ultrasound appointments, then graciously turned the experience into a teachable moment for other expectant fathers.

"Definitely when you go to the ultrasound appointment, don't be standing," he offered. "I recommend sitting or lying down because there's a good chance you will faint. I've fainted twice now. So yeah, I would say don't think you're just going to be standing looking at the image like you're just watching Netflix."

Question: Do people stand up to watch Netflix? Is this a thing?

Spencer also revealed that he's got some pretty big aspirations for his mini-me."I'm trying to make a superstar," he explained. "I'll try out everything from dance to chess to squash to fencing to hacking. I'll definitely let them try out everything they can and see what they're superb at. That's one thing that I feel like I didn't do—try more things. I played soccer and baseball, and that's all. But what if I had been the best at, like, ballet? And I didn't even know. I could have been a famous ballet dancer, like the Black Swan!"

He SO did not watch the end of that movie. But still, there's something kind of amazing about Spencer wanting his kid to try everything he can until he finds his true passion. If more parents felt this way, I bet less of us would grow up to have mid-life crises. Just think about it.

As for what the couple plans to call their first born, the jury is still out—though they apparently plan to crowdsource the name on social media. And yes, there will be a prize for the winner. "I'm gonna give them an iPhone 8 or something because I need a banger name," Pratt explained. "I definitely want to be stunting on Gwyneth Paltrow—flashy, flashy name that isn't even in a Google search."

I'd suggest Speidi, but a Google search just turned up 253,000 results.

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