Their ultrasound image was sleeker, with better handling, than these parents expected!


Most parents can't wait for their sonogram appointment, when they finally get a peek at what their developing baby looks like. Will he have your nose? Your husband's chin?

Sometimes, beyond just admiring your baby's developing features and counting fingers and toes, you might see something unexpected during the appointment. I witnessed my daughter sucking her thumb inside my belly. Fun fact: she still does that!

But one particular dad thought he saw something pretty unusual in his wife's ultrasound, so he decided to post the image to Reddit. "My wife is pregnant with a sports car," the father captioned a sonogram image that, yup, looks like a sports car. Like, exactly.

Credit: Brewhaus3223/Reddit

Um, congratulations?

This isn't the first time a parent-to-be has received a big surprise during a sonogram appointment. Former reality star Snooki believed she saw her daughter applying lipstick in utero. Figures. And another couple actually witnessed their baby clapping its hands during an ultrasound. The effect was so cool, they taped it and sang "If You're Happy and You Know It" as the tiny tyke clapped along.

Another ultrasound of a baby girl appeared to show an angel watching over the developing babe. Meanwhile, a Reddit user also posted a sonogram image that featured the exact opposite: a demon looked to be perched above this unfortunate child.

So given that last example, I guess discovering a sports car inside your womb isn't all that bad.

What did you see in your baby's ultrasound image?

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