The 39-year-old actress who played Punky Brewster is pregnant with her fourth child!

By Melissa Willets
November 16, 2015
Soleil Moon Frye with pregnancy test
Credit: Soleil Moon Frye/Twitter

Congratulations are in order for Soleil Moon Frye, A.K.A. Punky Brewster, who just announced she is expecting her fourth child with her husband Jason Goldberg!

The actress tweeted her happy news over the weekend along with a photo of herself holding a positive pregnancy test: "Excited to share some big news. Feeling beyond blessed." The announcement was sponsored by Clearblue.

Frye admitted this baby wasn't planned, telling People magazine, "We were so surprised by this amazing, little miracle, that I think, now, we're just like, let's keep the surprises going. We had a 20-month-old at home, and we have a 10-year-old, and a 7-year-old. So this was definitely a really happy surprise. It was not something we were planning on, and yet, we could not be more excited and thrilled."

The 39-year-old star is already a mom to two girls—Jagger Joseph Blue is the oldest of the bunch, followed by 7-year-old Poet Sienna—and one boy, Lyric Sonny Rhodes, who is the youngest.

Frye says she had to share her pregnancy news now because she is unable to hide her growing tummy anymore. "I couldn't find a dress that could hold me together!" she joked at the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles this weekend.

Oh, can I relate to that sentiment, Sister! I felt like I showed earlier and earlier during each of my three pregnancies. By my third pregnancy, I couldn't hide my belly even midway through my first trimester. Now that I'm maybe, kinda, sorta hoping to have baby #4, I can only imagine I would pop the day I found out I was expecting!

Congrats again to Soleil Moon Frye and her family. As a fellow mom in her late 30s, I am inspired by your baby joy...again!

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