You'll love watching this adorable family grow from three to four in an amazing time-lapse video that strings together thousands of photos to tell their story.

Sherman pregnancy time-lapse video
Credit: Mark Sherman/YouTube

American parents Mark and Brittany Sherman have created an incredible time-lapse video documenting Brittany's second pregnancy. Their inspiration was to chronicle the precious experience so their kids can see it one day, but we are lucky enough to go along for the ride!

"In about 2,000 photos strung together, experience all the emotions of our (2nd) pregnancy journey with us as we welcome Gracie into our crazy little family, and travel from Africa to Amsterdam to the USA to do it!!" Mark captioned the YouTube video.

We "meet" the Shermans early in the pregnancy, with a sight most moms are familiar with: puking! A series of sweet interactions follow: Mark picks up his pregnant wife, their little girl rushes over to her mommy and kisses her on the belly.

What's incredible about this video is how accurately it portrays pregnancy: from a sleepy mommy trying to cope with an active toddler making a giant mess, and just being too tired to deal during the first trimester, to when she dreams about Chipotle during her second trimester.

There's also humor, like when Brittany reveals a Superwoman costume under her robe and magically disappears the mess her daughter created. Or when Mark celebrates the gender reveal of their second daughter wearing a pink tutu. He also sports a maternity dress at one solidarity?

About the tedious, 34-week process, the Shermans said, "There were times where we didn't feel like doing it, or the camera was out of focus, or it didn't turn out like we thoughtbut that's all part of the creative process, and makes it feel much more real and organic."

The belly grows as we watch the family prepare for their little bundle of joy. Mark is on point when he brings a foot soaking tub to his pregnant wife, and rubs her tired shoulders.

Now the family is on the move to Amsterdam, and then the U.S., belly in tow. There are adorable tea parties, and mommy binge-sessions.

But where's that baby?

Aww! There she is! Grace Evangeline is finally here. What an adorable family-of-four. Thanks for letting us share your incredible journey!

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