By Alesandra Dubin
March 25, 2015
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Former Jersey Shore star and mom of two Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is not known for her subtlety. And she certainly flew her unfiltered flag in a recent interview with Fox411, in which she said that her now-out-in-paperback book, Baby Bumps, reveals truths about carrying babies that most people don't talk about. "A lot of the books don't tell you the truth like you're going to pee yourself, how disgusting pregnancy is," she said. "But in the end you have a child so it's all worth it but the whole pregnancy is just gross."

Now, a lot of people will read that and chalk it up to the ramblings of an uncouth reality star. As for me, I'm no great defender of Snooki, but I give major props to any star mom or mom-to-be who is willing to tell truths about this whole wild pregnancy journey, warts and all. When a parent in the public eye is willing to be upfront about personal experiences, it can really be a source of support and strength for the rest of us who might be going through the same things.

If there's one thing that makes me nuts about the whole adventure of pregnancy (apart from the phrase "ready to pop") as well as of labor and delivery, it's the suggestion that women who say anything faintly honest about a negative or painful experience should shut up because it means they don't have sufficient gratitude or perspective on their healthy children. Can we just acknowledge the complexity of the experience? My goodness.

I've pointed a few times on this blog and elsewhere on to the fact that pregnancy was a challenge for me. Specifically, in the third trimester, I when I was so physically compromised as I carried my twins to full term. I had to pee so many times that it was a joke—a joke made more cruel by the fact that walking to the bathroom felt like running a marathon. My acid reflux was so bad that the rising burning in my throat would wake me up as soon as I fell asleep. I chewed Tums like Tic Tacs. Truly, I grunted like an animal when I moved around the house. It was really a savage sight to see, and rather unpleasant to experience.

So yeah, Snooki, I'm with you: Being pregnant certainly can be gross and disgusting! Let's call a spade a spade.

Even when it is, of course, it's a means to a very special end. And for that reason, I wouldn't trade it for anything. And given that Snooki went through the experience twice, she obviously feels the same!

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