The former Jersey Shore star is wearing her stretch marks with pride and teaching her kids about where they come from.

By Hollee Actman Becker

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was known back in her hard-partying Jersey Shore days for not having much of a filter, and we seriously love how this mom-of-two continues to keep it real now that she's a parent.

Case in point: When her kiddos Lorenzo, 4, and Giovanna, 2, asked her the other day why she had "lines" on her stomach—aka stretch marks—Snooki didn't shy away from their question or simply laugh it off, but instead embraced the moment as a way to teach her babies a thing or two about the awesomeness of postpartum bods.

And then, of course, she posted a picture of the incident over on Instagram, along with a play-by-play in the caption:

"This morning my kids asked why I have lines on my stomach," she wrote next to a shot of herself holding up her T-shirt while Lorenzo and Giovanna gazed at her mid-section. "I had to explain to them that it's my tiger stripes I gained when I became their mommy. They thought it was so cool and can't believe how they fit in my belly."

Tiger stripes! Mad props for the creativity. I mean, how amazing is this mama for celebrating her marks of motherhood by giving them a BA nickname?! It's a great reminder that we should all stop focusing on what we perceive as flaws, and instead show our bodies some love for everything they can do.

Way to go, Snooki—you've definitely earned those stripes, girl!

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