Only Seth Meyers could provide such colorful details about the day his first child was born!


Can you imagine going into labor, and having Seth Meyers there? Well, if you're married to him like Alexi Ashe is, that's what happens!

The late-night host hilariously recounted to his audience how Alexi stared experiencing contractions at their home on Easter Sunday, two weeks before her due date. "I'm bad at recognizing patterns," the new dad cracked about not realizing she was complaining of back pain every 11 minutes.

And then, when they finally realized what was happening and prepared to head to the hospital, her water broke. "It's incredibly well-named for what it is," Meyers quipped.

The comedian then recounted how his doorman had clearly escorted flustered husbands and their pregnant wives to waiting cars before. Their Uber driver, however, didn't project the same, cool confidence. But hey, it wasn't easy for the driver to keep it together, because as Meyers relays, Alexi was on her knees in the backseat, screaming out the open window! Only in New York City could you not think an abduction was taking place under those circumstances, according to the funnyman.

Soon the duo arrived at the hospital, where all the nurses were dressed in bunny ears for the holiday festivities. But, "My wife was in a place where bunny ears could not affect her mood," he told his audience.

Turns out Alexi was ready to deliver their baby, a process that Meyers wasn't sure if he would fully watch. But once it started happening, he couldn't take his eyes off the birth. "It was the best," he says, adding he also couldn't stop laughing. What? Well, to his credit, half of the room was wearing bunny ears.

The celeb dad also recalled how many people asked him, "Are you ready for this?" But as every parent knows, nothing can completely prepare you for parenthood. Or that big moment when a child enters the world, which Meyers joked he and Alexi prepped for by pulling baby dolls through a keyhole.

Once their son was born, laughing became crying. Ashe Olsen was here!

The star dad explained that Ashe was a moniker chosen to pay tribute to Alexi's maiden name, especially after what she did—you know, creating a new human and all. The baby's middle name is Olsen, which was his mother's maiden name.

Wait, Ashe Olsen? As in Ashley Olsen?

Meyers put the kibosh on that notion, joking, "No one will think that. I've long been a Mary Kate guy."

The proud new papa shared one more hilarious anecdote from his son's birth, recalling how when he went to fill out the paperwork after the birth, he filled out Alexi's father's name where the forms asked for the "father's information." Um, no. That's you, Seth!

Welcome to parenthood!

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