The tennis star's long-time coach explained how the famous mom-to-be is working out and playing tennis during her first pregnancy.

By Maressa Brown
June 03, 2017

It's true that the biggest headlines about Serena Williams these days revolve around her maternity style and latest baby bump shot on Instagram versus her tennis career. But, at six months along, the famous mom-to-be isn't shying away from keeping up with her workout routine and playing tennis! Her long-time coach Patrick Mouratoglou gave an interview today, Saturday, June 3, and detailed William's prenatal fitness plan to Reuters.

"She's working out and she even played tennis the other day," Mouratoglou says. "She said to me she didn't want to lose her touch. Of course she went slow, but she wanted to hit the ball."

Williams last competed in January, when she won the Australian Open, and although she's taking it slow right now, Mouratoglou assured reporters that the 23-times grand slam champion will be back after giving birth. "When she called me to tell me she was pregnant, in the same sentence, she said: 'I'm pregnant but I will be back, will you wait for me?'" the coach said. "She is really planning on coming back, and she said to me 'I am not done, I cannot finish like this.'"

Although there's a lot of tongue-clucking about age affecting performance in tennis, and Williams will turn 36 in September, everyone knows the mom-to-be is a complete badass, extraordinary talent. And thankfully, Williams owns it! "Since she still feels she can win grand slams, she doesn’t want to stop,” Mouratoglou said.

Awesome! The world can't wait to welcome Williams' and Ohanian's first L.O.—and then get right back to cheering for the tennis superstar-turned-new mom on the court!