See Which Star Outgrew Her Maternity Swimwear—Just as Summer Heats Up! 26737

At this late stage in my twin pregnancy, travel out of town is ancient history until after delivery. (Womp womp.)

Fortunately, the fabulously luxurious Four Seasons at Beverly Hills is even nearer to my delivery hospital than my own home, so that's where I intend to be over the July 4 holiday weekend for a little much-needed staycation/babymoon pampering with the hubby. The whole thing will be just what my achy, swollen body needs—but there's one key issue I need to address first: maternity swimwear.

When I say it's hard to find a great maternity swimsuit, I'm not talking about pregnant body shame. I'm talking about logistics: I'll be 35-plus weeks pregnant with two babies on the way, and this is not a body-type category frequently addressed in the marketplace!

But difficulty finding a perfect piece of maternity swimwear is not limited to just us regular folks. Even tiny Snooki, now pregnant with her second baby, is encountering some frustration as summer heats up. She recently posted a photo to Instagram in which the pint-size star fusses with her ruffled floral one-piece swimsuit. And she captioned it, "My one piece belt doesn't buckle over the babygirl. #pregnantproblems"

Totally relate, Snooki! For what it's worth, despite her apparent discomfort, the star looks amazing. (Not surprising, given she's emphasized her attention to fitness in recent interviews.)

Now if only she'd posted a shopping link for that super-cute maternity suit! I'm in the market.

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Snooki photo courtesy of Instagram