See This Stunning Maternity Shoot Taken During the Solar Eclipse

The expectant mom joined forces with her mother-in-law, who is also a professional photographer, to do the shoot during 99.1 percent totality. 

Talk about a unique maternity shoot! A mom from Georgia named Nichole Carver is expecting a baby boy in October, and she paired up with a professional photographer Lisa Cruikshank -- who also happens to be her mother-in-law! -- to create a jaw-droppingly beautiful maternity shoot underneath Monday's solar eclipse.

"We had 99.1 percent totality," Carver told FOX 5 Atlanta. "I pitched the idea to her and she ran with it and the photo is out of this world amazing!"

For her part, Cruikshank says it wasn't exactly an easy feat, given all of the equipment and special precautions she had to take. "I didn't have a solar filter for my lens, so I was struggling holding my glasses over my lens and trying not to look at the sun," she told Romper. But all that work certainly paid off, because the final shot, of Carver in a flowing gown standing underneath the incredible celestial phenomenon is beyond cinematic.

The experience was even more special for the pair, because, as Carver told FOX, "This is our last planned pregnancy as we have experienced the joys of birthing two healthy children and the sadness of loss after delivering my second child, a little girl named Emma, stillborn back in 2014. Our little boy is nothing short of a miracle to us and what better way to celebrate him than capturing this once in a life moment in time." So moving.

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How wonderful for this family to get to celebrate and capture this pregnancy with such a once-in-a-lifetime event. It's clearly something they'll never forget -- and maternity photographers will be wishing they could replicate somehow. Well, there's always the next eclipse in 2024!

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