Dad Finds Out Baby Gender News 41844

Gender reveals are always exciting — whether you're getting the news from the ultrasound technician, finding out at a gender reveal party, or simply sharing the news with friends and family.

But one expectant mom's gender reveal surprise to her husband was especially sweet. The Richmond, Virginia couple are already parents to two girls, so when mom Nikki found out that the results of a blood test showed she is pregnant with a boy, she wanted to find an extra-special way to tell her husband, Charles.

Her plan included buying a baby outfit that said "The Perfect Gentleman" on it, and putting it in a gift bag for one of her girls to give to Daddy (who—big props—was doing dishes at the time!)

In the YouTube video clip, Nikki says, "You're such a hard working man and I love you so much, we wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us." And while Charles responds, "I don't need gifts. You guys are my gift enough. I'm trying to do the dishes here!" he finally opens it.

The 6'4" tattoo artist's reaction is beyond sweet — watch the adorable clip below to see for yourself:

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Image: YouTube