Just when you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to gender reveals, here comes a new video that lets a pickup truck do the talking.

By Melissa Willets
September 21, 2016
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A Facebook video of a creative gender reveal idea using exhaust from a pickup truck (yes, you read that right) is going viral, because, well, it's pretty awesome! The 26-second clip has been watched an astonishing 1.9 million times after Carina Aguilar, the sister of the mom-to-be, posted it this past weekend.


In the video, we see Texas mom-of-one Maria Garcia waiting excitedly in front of a pickup truck decorated with pink and blue balloons and streamers, and the words, "Boy" and "Girl" on the tailgate.

Someone calls out, "On your mark, get set, go!" And as the truck is started up, pink exhaust billows out of the tail pipe. It's a girl!

Yay! Hugs all around!

I have to hand it to this family for coming up with such a creative idea for revealing the gender of the baby. In a world where we've kinda seen everything, this idea definitely stands out.

"I can't take full credit for this idea," Garcia told Parents.com. "I had seen it before in another FB video way before I got pregnant, but knew if/when I did I had to incorporate it to my reveal surprise party since my husband loves his toys—his trucks and cars."

Garcia said she bought the gender reveal powder kit on Amazon.com the same day she set up the appointment for her sonogram. "My best friend joined me for my sonogram, and the gender was handed over to her in an envelope by the technician," Garcia recalls. "My sono was Satuday, we had the reveal party on Sunday, so I had to wait a full day to find out."

The day of the reveal, Garcia's friend, Lizbeth Ramirez, got everything ready by decorating the truck and pouring the correct color powder in the tail pipe. "When it was time for action, my sister's boyfriend, Mark Munoz, jumped in the truck, turned the ignition on, and stepped on the pedal," Garcia says. She was just as surprised as everyone else when the pink powder appeared. "I was ecstatic to find out I'm having a girl," said Garcia, who is already mom to soon-to-be 5-year-old Isaac. "[She'll be] the first girl on my side of the family and the first on my husband's side of the family in 16 years, so adding a girl to the family is just a joy to us all!"

What do you think of this pregnancy reveal idea? Would you try it?

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