See the beautiful moment a maternity photo shoot turned into a surprise engagement for one Florida mom-to-be.

By Melissa Willets
May 12, 2016

Florida mom-to-be Lorenza could never have imagined that her maternity photo shoot would end in a proposal, and that is just the surprise effect her boyfriend Louis was hoping for when he collaborated with photographer Kevin Cucci.

The 25-weeks-pregnant first-time mom met Louis at Delray Beach after a day of pampering in preparation for the maternity shoot. She tells How He Proposed, "After about 10-15 minutes of pictures, [Kevin] instructed us to walk up this path on the beach. Louis and I were standing back to back, and Kevin told us to look into the distance." She adds, "I couldn't even begin to imagine how perfect this whole moment was really about to be."

Before proposal
Credit: Kevin Cucci

Lorenza describes the instant she realized this was not going to be your run-of-the-mill maternity photo shoot:

"As I turned around, I looked at Louis and then I noticed it. There was a ring in his hand and he got down on one knee. I started crying, shaking, trying so hard to concentrate on what he was saying, but all I could think about was that this was it! The love of my life, the father of my child, was asking me to marry him and I couldn't wait to say YES!"

The emotional moment was caught both in these gorgeous photos, and on video.

The proposal
Credit: Kevin Cucci

"I still can't believe how perfect Louis planned the whole moment," Lorenza tells "Truly, I can't even imagine a way that it could have been better." But she admits, "When I turned around at first, I didn't see the ring immediately because I was looking at Louis. Once I did, I couldn't believe it. Being an emotional person as it is, on top of added pregnancy hormones, the tears just started flowing."

Down on one knee
Credit: Kevin Cucci
She said yes
Credit: Kevin Cucci

It's awesome to see how surprised, and completely overjoyed Lorenza was during the proposal. I also love the devilish look on Louis' face right before they turn around to face one another. "The picture of our backs turned says it all," Lorenza agrees. "I'm just looking off into the distance, trying to rock my maternity dress and get some awesome belly bump pictures and Louis is standing there, thumbs-up, knowing he is about to make all of my dreams come true."

And about that ring...

"When I finally calmed down, I looked at the ring and couldn't believe my eyes. It was stunning," the bride-to-be told "I couldn't have fantasized of something more beautiful. Then, Louis told me that it was his great-great-grandmother's ring and that his grandparents wanted me to have it."

Now, the couple, who are expecting a baby boy in August (whom they plan to name after her grandfather), will always have the moment they made it official in photos and on video. And they can even show little Louis Juan one day!

Engagement onesie
Credit: Kevin Cucci

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