The Jane the Virgin actor and his wife Emily Foxler Baldoni will have you sniffling over their big, heartwarming baby news. 

By Maressa Brown

Last month, Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni and his wife Emily Foxler Baldoni announced that they're expecting their second child with a video that captured their family and friends' amazing reactions. Now, the parents have documented their reactions to finding out their L.O.'s gender—and you might need to grab the tissues before you hit play.

In the clip, the couple and their eldest, almost 2-year-old Maiya, open up an envelope to reveal the baby's gender. “Do you want to find out if you’re having a brother or sister?” Justin asks his toddler, who seems, well, not the most engaged by the whole process—but is still all sorts of adorable! Check it out.

Seeing the couple confirm their suspicions that they'll be welcoming a baby boy is simply fantastic. Obviously, Justin is beside himself learning that they are having a son. And if the sweetness of that moment wasn't enough, Baldoni wrote a heartwarming letter to his future son alongside the clip on Instagram, explaining why he was so emotional. "This was such a massively profound moment for us… and clearly it hit me hard,” he said. “But that's ok, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about… in fact emotions are to be celebrated! Tears are good!”

He goes onto explain that he wants to teach his son that "part of being a man is embracing the parts of yourself that you might be ashamed or embarrassed of. And that eventually, the side of us that we want to hide from the world will be the side that our future life partner will love more than anything. ... I want you to know that while confidence might be important for success, humility is necessary for happiness. I hope to show you over the course of your life, to not only respect women, but to stand up, and empower them in both large and small ways. When no one is watching and there's no reward. To be a true friend to train your eyes like a superpower to see women as humans with souls before you see them as objects."

Feminist, fantastic, and so powerful. Loving Baldoni's message for his baby boy—and that he's sharing it with the world. Congrats to this growing family. October can't come soon enough!


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