By Alesandra Dubin
November 25, 2014

Last holiday season, when I was pregnant with twins, here's how things went: Husband did the heavy lifting. I napped and ate. Honestly, watching him scurry around and do all the work while I relaxed was a pleasant change—and a pretty enjoyable way to spend the holidays! (And hey, when it comes to pregnancy, the overall distribution of, ahem, labor is still more than fair to the partner.)

Apparently, it's just the same in the household of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, who's pregnant with baby number two. Us has an exclusive first look at a Samsung commercial starring the pair—and their pups!—all decked out in matching holiday gear, getting their home tricked out for the season.

Well, more specifically, Shepard is getting the home all holiday-fied, while Bell turns on the fireplace with the click of a button, eats popcorn meant for decorating the tree, and pipes frosting directly into her mouth while trimming a gingerbread house. She says, "I can't even tie my shoes at this point!"

Bell told Us that the scene is pretty close to reality in her home. "We are both complete and utter holiday junkies. Any excuse we have to celebrate a little more, it feels very natural to us! We're just showing people a snapshot of our real life," she said.

Shepard echoed the sentiment. "It's literally our favorite season, our favorite time of the year."

Shepard also had a few things to say about his pregnant wife's ability to manage basic physical tasks—things that I know my own husband can relate to. "It's like sleeping next to a giant wounded elk who's been hit by a semi and won't die — snoring, drooling, grunting, kicking, getting up and walking."

Sounds about right!

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