See Dad-to-Be Get Choked Up in the Sweetest Viral Pregnancy Announcement Video Ever 26844

Sorry, just give me a second. I'm still a little choked up over this viral video.

Now then, I'm back. And just try not to tear up yourself when you see this one: In order to share the news that she is pregnant, wife Erika wraps up a special gift for hubby Jacob and rolls camera as he unwraps it. As the spouses are both are huge fans of animation in general and the movie Up in particular, she's bought him an art print of that film's famous house sitting atop Paradise Falls.

It's a sweet enough gesture, and doubly sweet that Jacob thinks she's drawn the pretty thing herself, when in fact she bought it from Etsy.

But what's on the back is the real kicker: There, she wrote him a poem (continuing a tradition: he wrote her a children's book when he proposed) that reveals how their future together will unfold -- with a baby on the way.

Jacob gets so emotional, he can't even read it out loud, and turns his back to the camera while he composes himself. It's such a beautiful moment captured on film, and Erika's poem is just magical. Read it below and watch the video here. It might be the best thing you see all day.

Adventure Is Out ThereBy Erika Jackson

Adventure is out there!I know this to be trueAll my greatest adventuresHave always been with you

Adventure is out there!You always make it soWhenever inhibition finds meYou remind me to let go

Adventure is out there!And it will always beNow that the two of usAre soon becoming three!

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Photo courtesy of YouTube/Erika Jackson