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Pregnant in Heels Star Pregnant Again!

I want to give a huge congrats to Parents' September cover mom Rosie Pope. The Pregnant in Heels star is pregnant in heels once again! The renowned baby concierge and maternity clothing designer will soon be adding to her growing brood with husband Daron Pope, which already includes cuties J. R. , 4; Wellington, 2; and Vivienne, 15 months (Rosie is due in early 2014).

"It's crazy!" Rosie tells Everything Pregnancy about her wonderful baby news. "We're thrilled, but we still can't believe it!" Now that she's on her fourth pregnancy, she's been there, done that mommy-wise. "Each of my pregnancies has been totally different. The first one was ridiculously easy and I thought, I could do this a thousand times! My second was very difficult and I was on bed rest. My third was super-easy and with this one, I feel like my body is kind of mad at me, and I'm just kind of nauseous all of the time!" Luckily, this many-time-mama has got pregnancy wisdom down pat—and lucky for all of us, she's paired up with top docs and shared all that knowledge in her debut book, Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.

She and Daron notoriously live Tweeted during Vivienne's birth on Mother's Day 2012, so I couldn't help but ask if she was planning a repeat. "We'll see," she says. "It actually really helped me a lot, because I was so distracted thinking, 'I need to Tweet!' rather than staring at the clock and wondering, when is this baby coming? I highly recommend it!"

Is there anything she is nervous about this time around? "I'm worried we won't get to the hospital in time," she reveals, now that she and the family have moved to the suburbs of New Jersey and her doctor is in New York City. "I'm terrified of delivering on the highway!" As for most women, each of her labors has gotten shorter. "My first was 26 hours, then 10, and the last was only four hours," says Rosie. "So I'm really hoping there's no traffic or I'll be giving birth on the highway!"

TELL US: Did each of your births get progressively shorter? How long did each take?