You'll love these gorgeous maternity photos—but not as much as you'll love the amazing story behind them, and the special way the mom honored her rainbow baby.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
September 05, 2017

When Edit Hansen conceived her second rainbow baby, she knew she wanted to do something special to celebrate the pregnancy. She enlisted photographer Abbie Fox, of Foxy Photography, and the two women decided to team up for the shoot.

But little did they know, they were about to get more than they bargained for when the day of the shoot came around. The two women chose an outdoor location for the shoot, and while they hiked there, they learned of a similarity.

"Edit was telling me that this was their second rainbow baby," Fox told "I also had lost a pregnancy in January of 2017, so we bonded over our shared story. Right before this session I had been diagnosed with PCOS and told I could no longer have any more babies naturally so rainbow babies to me meant so much."

During the photo shoot, the women saw something that spoke to both of them. "At one point I turned around to look at where the sun was because that is important on where to take pictures. I was blown away when I looked up and there were three rainbows," Fox said.

Credit: Abbie Fox

The resulting image features a hint of three separate rainbows—and they don't just look stunning in the photos, they also perfectly tell the story behind Hansen's pregnancy. While the rainbow doesn't appear in every shot from this session, it certainly made an impact. "I knew it would mean the world to her so we decided to stop where we were and take a shot," Fox said.

"I didn't have any theme in mind for the shoot—it was a complete surprise that we saw the rainbows in the sky that day," Hansen added. "We were hiking down the rocks when my husband looked up in the sky and pointed them out, so Abbie quickly snapped the photo. It was so meaningful because this baby is a rainbow baby...anytime I see a rainbow I feel like it's a sign that everything will work out just as it should."

Credit: Abbie Fox

The images are gorgeous and dramatic, and Hansen knows her child will always be able to look back at them and understand the special story behind them.

"I wanted this photo shoot to capture how very much this baby was wanted. I loved the idea of being able to look back on this beautiful time in my life because I knew she would be my last baby," Hansen said. "Rainbows always had special significance in my life, even before I knew what a rainbow baby was. It's amazing how many times I've seen one just at the perfect moment—for example, the morning of my son's second birthday, or driving to meet the midwife who would deliver my daughter, or on my babymoon. Every time I see one, it feels like a little bit of magic."