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March 02, 2015
Rachel Zoe

Attention all pregnant mamas! Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is launching her first ever maternity line for A Pea in the Pod. In honor of the occasion, Parents' Ruthie Fierberg caught up with the mommy of two—Skyler, 3, Kaius, 1—about her inspiration for the line, must-have maternity fashion items, and how she handled her pregnancies. Plus, we've got a treat for you readers: Access to the special pre-sale of Rachel Zoe for a Pea in the Pod beginning March 3.

Parents: What made you want to design a maternity line at this point in your life?

Rachel Zoe: Women kept asking me about it and I wanted to translate my collection into a maternity language, so to speak. Pregnant or not, women should always have the ability to enjoy clothes. For me, it made sense to work with A Pea in The Pod—they're making dressing well accessible to a market that didn't always have that.

P: What are you hoping moms will love about Rachel Zoe maternity that's different from other maternity clothes?

RZ: It doesn't feel like clothes you only wear when you're pregnant. It looks like clothes that work into your life before, during, and after pregnancy. It's fun—with prints and stripes it feels modern and fresh.

P: What was your biggest fashion woe during your pregnancies?

RZ: That awkward phase when you transition from looking like you put on a lot of weight versus actually looking pregnant. And not being able to wear some of my favorite clothes...mostly anything that had a waist.

P: What's the one fashion item all expecting mamas must have?

RZ: A great pair of leggings and a great jersey dress. Whether it's a black tunic or maxi, jersey basics are staples you can layer under a great jacket, cardigan, trench, anything!

RZ: I had reverse cravings—things that I loved, I couldn't stand. And instead of sweet berries, I just wanted tart and sour...tons of grapefruit.

P: Did you have any strange pregnancy symptoms with Skyler or Kaius? If so, how did you cope?

RZ: Skyler was really easy. Kaius was tough for the first three month. I was really sick and tired. I tried everything, but nothing really helped.

P: Overall, how would you describe your pregnancies? Did you enjoy them or were they more challenging times?

RZ: I loved being pregnant! I actually envy pregnant women. I feel so healthy and happy. I think pregnancy is the most amazing and mind-blowing thing in the world.

Ruthie Fierberg is an editorial assistant at Parents. Though she does not have children of her own, she's practically been raising kids since her first babysitting job at age 11. She is our resident theater aficionado and can be found constantly running around New York City to find the best new show, the most awesome dance party, or the hottest Bikram yoga studio. Follow her on on Twitter @RuthiesATrain.

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