The star of She's All That and Perception is Pregnant

Let's get one thing straight: Rachael Leigh Cook is terrific as the skeptical FBI agent on TNT's Perception, but she will forever be the lovable nerd, who gets a makeover, and the guy (ah, Freddie Prinze, Jr, where have you been?) in 1999's She's All That.

In fact, Rachael has more in common with her classic character, Laney Boggs, than you might think—the pregnant star is having her own fish-out-of-water moment now that she's a mom-to-be. She's admittedly clueless about all of the changes her body is going through, but she can rest assured that everything she's experiencing is totally normal for a pregnant woman (well, almost everything).

The actress—who is married to The Vampire Diaries' Daniel Gillies (aka Elijah)—told People's celebrity blogger, and her The Babysitter's Club co-star Marla Sokoloff, that now that she has a baby on board, she's been known to spontaneously cry to sad songs and news items (we've all been there) and is going into a serious nesting mode, recently cleaning out her garage and basement. She must be feeling oxytocin, the feel-good love drug, kicking in too, because she said: "I know (from reading too much online) that my husband is supposed to be getting on my nerves because of the hormones, but I have never loved him more." Aww! But her most interesting pregnancy side effect (which I've never actually heard of): "Everybody—who I know to be normal sized—now looks positively emaciated to me," she said.

I like her way of thinking: She's not getting bigger; everyone else is getting smaller! Though Rachael knows she has obviously put on weight—after all she's due this fall—she stopped counting just how much. "After I gained 30 pounds I stopped checking and started stepping on the scale backwards at my appointments," she said. "I just don't care how much I gain at this stage as long as I know that the little stowaway is okay." (Stowaway? Can she get any cuter? I think not!)

Though Rachael wants to give her little guy or girl the best (btw, her family and close friends know which she's having, but she's otherwise keeping it a secret), she's not sure if she buys into all of the prep work pregnant women get pressured into. "Do I really need to go on a hospital tour?" she pondered. "I've heard it's not really necessary. Ditto birthing class. I am more of the, 'Just give me the drugs and let's do this' school." You gotta love this girl!

TELL US: Can you relate to Rachael when it comes to your pregnancy?

Image of Rachael Leigh Cook courtesy of Shutterstock.