Proof That Baby Name Inspo Can Come From Anywhere—Even an Airplane

After a woman gives birth on an airplane, she decides to name her son after the airline.

A woman named her baby Saw Jet Star after giving birth on Jetstar Asia flight.
Photo: Jetstar Asia/Facebook

We've heard of baby name inspiration coming from favorite songs, conception locations, and a lot of interesting places, but a little boy in Asia just might be the first kid named after an airline. It it makes sense, though: His mom went into unexpected labor on a flight from Singapore and gave birth on the plane, so she decided to honor the unusual way her son came into the world in his name.

So what's the little dude's called?... United? American? Um... Virgin?

Let's just say the kid lucked out, because his mom was flying on Jetstar Asia. His totally unique name is, drumroll please, Saw Jet Star. (According to a post on the Jetstar Facebook page, the first name is a tribute to the onboard customer service manager, Saw Ler Htu.)

Another stroke of luck was the fact that three doctors happened to be on board the three-hour flight to Myanmar, and they were more than happy to come to the rescue and help deliver the baby as the plane taxied into Yangon airport. According to, when little Saw finally arrived, his epic entry to the world was met with a round of applause from other passengers on the plane.

"We're most pleased to announce that a baby boy, named Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely onboard 3K583 by a team of doctors and the crew after the flight landed in Yangon on Friday, 22 April 2016," Jetstar proudly announced on Facebook. "Both mother and son are in good health and have been discharged from the local hospital in Yangon. The baby boy weighed six pounds, seven ounces and is the FIRST baby to be delivered on a Jetstar Asia flight, and we will be contributing SGD1,000 worth of baby supplies to the family."

Not up on your Singapore to American dollars conversion rate? It's about $750. That's some pretty good swag. Maybe I should have timed my labor and delivery during air travel!

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