Prenatal Multivitamins Can Raise Risk of Miscarriage

Were you told by your OBGYN that you should start taking prenatal multivitamins even before you got pregnant? Most women are. The thought being that you should start taking them when you start trying for a baby so you'll already be stocked full of the essential vitamins and minerals required to create a happy, healthy home for your little one. But now a new study brings that assumption into question.

According to findings published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, during a study of 35,000 mamas-to-be, 32 percent were found to be more likely to miscarry early on if they had taken the supplements regularly in the six weeks before conceiving. This study—the largest of its kind—focused on pregnant women in Denmark and was conducted in collaboration by the universities of Southern Denmak, Aarhus and Pittsburgh.

The Daily Mail reported "Taking folate supplements on their own or multivitamins while expecting had a slight beneficial effect. But the study isolated a particular risk of miscarriage among those who took the all-in-one tablets several weeks before conception, around a third of the women.

Compared with taking no pills at all, regular multivitamin use for three or four weeks beforehand saw the chances of miscarrying rise by 23 percent. For the period of five to six weeks, it was 32 percent."

As with all of these studies, once they scare the bejeezus out of us, they tell us not to panic as more research needs to be done before they can clearly link multivitamins with miscarriages. The authors admit they weren't able to find a reason as to why vitamins would cause a higher risk of miscarriage. But they were able to rule out links with obesity, smoking, poverty, previous miscarriage or difficulty in conceiving.

Before all you ladies trying to get pregnant ward off prenatal multivitamins, talk to your doctor, ask questions, and do what you feel is right for you.

TELL US: Do you think—like the study says—that taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant could cause a miscarriage? Would this study stop you from taking them?

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