The surprise birth happened at the El Parian Neighborhood Market and Carniceria in the Fresno, California.

By Maressa Brown
December 29, 2017
newborn feet
Credit: Antonio V. Oquias/shutterstock

As anyone who's given birth knows, babies arrive when they're ready -- not once you've made it to the hospital! A birth story out of Fresno, California makes that fairly clear. Local news outlet ABC30 reports that store surveillance cameras showed an unnamed pregnant woman walk into the El Parian Neighborhood Market and Carniceria in Fresno, California on Tuesday, December 26. She was shopping but soon went to a table and kneeled.

"We had this lady here who came in to buy a soda, and then she told the cashier to call the ambulance," store owner Issimar Sepulveda explained to ABC30. Several employees from various departments of the store rushed to call 911, but all were reportedly put on hold.

"So then I started listening to her screaming so then I came to the carniceria and then I was like what's going on. She was right there like bending, oh my God, oh my God I am having my baby," Sepulveda shared.

The rest sounds like it was a bit of a blur, because it happened so fast. "And then it happened so quickly everything happened so quickly," Sepulved explained. The butcher Alberto Casias actually ended up taking off his apron and catching the baby.

According to the Washington Post, Sepulveda quickly noticed that the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. She yelled for someone to throw her a pair of scissors. “I thought, ‘What if the baby dies right here because I’m not doing this right?’” she said.

Thankfully, Sepulveda was able to cut the cord from around the little boy's neck, as Sepulveda cut the cord from the baby’s neck, as Casias wrapped the newborn in his apron. “It was teamwork,” Sepulveda told the Post.

But when the baby started to look purple, the grocery store team spoke with 911 and was told the L.O. may be cold. Casias grabbed a sweater to wrap around the newborn, while Sepulveda went to her office to get a blanket that had belonged to her 1-year-old twins. After 25 minutes that likely felt like a lot longer, ambulances arrived.

"It is feeling the happiness but you are worried, nervous, panicked, I don't know, so many things at once," Sepulveda, who shared a video of the baby being cared for by paramedics to Facebook, told ABC30.

The baby boy, who's been named Toby, was born at about 8 pounds. “The baby is doing good,” Sepulveda, who recently visited the mom and newborn in the hospital, said. “The mom is doing good.”

Congrats to the new mom -- and the grocery store team for pulling together to help bring this new life into the world under the most chaotic circumstances!